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5 Steps to a Safe Double Bunk Bed
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Bunk beds can spare space in your youngsters' rooms, however they aren't as sheltered as single beds. A wrong bunk bed can have as worst consequences as death.

According to a research:

•    450 youngsters get injured by bunk beds every year
•    85% of wounds are the immediate consequence of dropping out of bed
•    Most wounds are endured by kids from 5–9 years.
•    Kids' heads or necks can get stuck in holes, (for example, between guardrails).



Experts have devised 5 essential safety checks to ensure your kid is safe with double bunk beds.

1-    Know the age:
Just youngsters beyond 9 years old years ought to utilize the top bunk in a double bunk bed. Mae sure any kid younger than 9 years sleeps on the lower bunk.

2-    Don’t let the kid play on top bunk:
A loft is not a toy or a play area. Youngsters ought to never bounce or play on a bed, particularly the top bunk.

3-    Keep space overhead:
Keep no less than 2m of space between the top bunk and any roof fans.

4-    Attach ladder carefully:
In case that you have a detachable ladder, consider uprooting the ladder amid the day so youthful youngsters do not make it a game to climb the ladder all day. Ensure you safely reattach it in time for your youngster to utilize it.

After attaching the ladder, put some pressure on it using your hand or knee to make sure it doesn’t fall apart and ca bare the weight of your kid.

It is advised to buy a double bun bed with stairs instead of ladder. This will help you save your id especially in the dark or in midnight when they try to climb down the ladder with closed eyes.

5-    Close all open spaces:
Verify there are no spaces or gaps of between 95–230mm anyplace on the bed. These could trap your kid’s head. Either the spaces should be smaller than 95mm so a child’s body can't fit through or bigger than 230mm so a body can fit completely through.

Gaps can be found in:
•    guardrails
•    the edge of the sleeping cushion
•    the bedposts, sleeping cushion braces or other auxiliary part
•    the step
•    Whatever other parts. Since 2000, crevices have been an element in most loft fatalities in Australia.

If you are planning to buy a double bunk bed for your kids, make sure you consider these 5 points.


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